Antique Furniture

People collect antique furniture for many reasons, some principally for investment, whilst others want their homes decorated in a style that was popular in the past and so they buy antique furniture to recreate a particular period in time.

Wooden furniture is very popular, especially bedroom furniture, made of oak, pine or mahogany. Chests of drawers and dressing tables were solid and sturdy. This is why a lot of people still want this type of furniture today as it was built to last.

Vintage pine furniture is popular because it gives a room a bright, clean feel. Pine was first used for furniture in Scandinavia and North America, where they have an abundance of pine trees. It then became fashionable in the French country houses where they wanted their furniture to be sturdy and easy to maintain.

Oak has been used to make furniture for centuries, due to its strength and thickness.  Antique oak furniture is often ornamental, because it is an easy wood to carve.  Victorians loved big heavy dark furniture and you’ll find many examples of oak and mahogany from this period.

Bedroom furniture has changed a lot throughout the centuries. In Tudor times the nobility slept in enormous four poster beds, surrounded by heavy velvet curtains.  During the Victorian period bedroom furniture still tended to be dark and heavy, and although four-posters were less popular, beds still had huge elaborately carved bed heads. Washstands were in every Victorian bedroom and these are still popular with collectors today.

A Dressing table was an essential piece of furniture for a woman throughout history.  In upper-class households ladies had their own rooms and the dressing table was where they sat to do their hair and make themselves beautiful.  Dressing table mirrors were large and usually split into three parts, to cover every angle.

The chest of drawers was invented in the 17th century. They were usually made of oak, mahogany or rosewood with wooden handles, brass handles not being introduced until the regency period. The chests were beautifully decorated, often being inlaid with decorative wood veneers.

Country house pine tables and chairs are also popular pieces of antique furniture. These were built to be placed in country kitchens and they were designed to be sturdy and long lasting. There are still many tables and chairs in this style and they make an attractive addition to the home.

Chairs for the lounge and the dining room are also great collectables, especially from the Victorian period, when Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite were all designing stunning pieces of furniture.

Whatever your interest, collecting antique or vintage furniture is a fascinating hobby. It is your opportunity to place a little piece of history in your home.